About a year ago, I stood here roughly in the same spot and realised that the guy who'd been my best friend for the previous two and a half years, was actually my soul mate. And all the depth of emotion I'd felt towards him since the day we'd met was just pure love. I just hadn't realised. Even though it tore my heart every hour of every day for that two and a half years not to be with him.

Sometimes places and moments - or just the feel of the breeze, or the look of the sun going down into the water - well they make you realise.

There was this hour or so of bliss time when we'd been walking back along the river. During that hour my only thought was the overwhelming feeling of never wanting to be apart from him. Or even have him let go of my hand. The sunset was so beautiful . You get amazing sunsets across the River Taw. This photo just doesn't do justice to it.

And it was standing by this bridge when the sun went down that I told him I loved him. He'd had to wait a long time for me. But things kind of moved very quickly after that. And my life changed. And I will always remember that moment on this bridge and how it was just a prologue to all the joy I have in being at one with him, and how much love we have in our lives together.

I have put up barriers against people for my whole life. But I took them all down for him. I understand, really understand, love songs now.

July 2014