Do I miss her?

If I stood at your door in a storm, would you open it wide and let me come in,

   Or leave me in the rain?

If I was parched in the desert, would you quench me,

   Or let the irritant sand scratch my eyes?

If you saw me on a crowded platform, would you hold up the train

    Or turn your back and find the exit?

If I was dying, would you hold me in your arms and relieve my pain,

   Or shrug your shoulders and turn off the machine?

Could you welcome me with open arms and let me into your heart again, it too late?

All these things I would do and I would take the first choice

But I grieve because you are lost to me,

Yet in fragments of other lives,

I know you are still there...

In high summer I feel the chill on my back

And ask myself if I miss you

Because sometimes I do

10th June 2014