The marvellous thing about Noel Gallagher

The marvellous thing about Noel Gallagher is that he writes in cliches, but you easily forgive him and don't seem to care as it's so wonderful to connect with those cliches and let them speak to you.

True story: once upon a long time ago, my husband and I used to run one of the biggest Oasis fansites in the world. We were so 'famous' we were featured in magazines like Select and Mojo; we even got mentioned on Virgin Radio once. There was even a page about us in an Oasis 10 year anniversary edition of one rag (forget which, got it somewhere - Q maybe). We used to get Adam doing really naughty things in his bedroom when he should 'ave been doing his GCSE coursework, like copying illegal Noel Gallagher demos and shipping them to Paul and Vanessa in Mass.

With over 1,000 emails a day, the site finally took on a life of its own and became too big for us to handle. We sold it to a bulletin board company for a measly 50 quid; they kept it running (really badly) for about nine months before it folded. Sad end to a huge part of my life that I'd started because I was bored one afternoon in my father's back room.

One of the best memories I have of being in the flat in shitey Walton-on-the-Naze overlooking the Co-op carpark, with the sleet pissing against the windows, and the morons coughing up their cheap lager on the stairs on the landing, was me and Adam jumping around and screaming 'Because we need each other' like a couple of starving dogs tossing a bone about.

We had another one of those nights last night, walking across Hackney Downs from the tube at gone midnight, singing about a ten bob revolution: re-capturing our youth. Well mine anyway.

Life's not been too bad without Oasis: I wrecked my legs, I wrecked my arm, I grew up and took the posters off the back of the doors - I even came to live in Southend-on-Sea FFS!! In a few months time I'm gonna give up my job and go and manage a restaurant, or a zoo or something, but hey ho, some things never change: Adam and I downloaded the album at two o'clock this morning and we both agreed that Noel's still a genius.

Bring it on next Saturday.

22nd October 2011